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Football Federation American Samoa

founded: 1984
affiliated to: OFC / FIFA
affiliated since: 1998 / 1998
stadium: Veterans Memorial (10,000)
phone: +684 644 71 04
fax: +684 644 71 04
e-mail: ffas@blueskynet.as
web: www.ffas.as


N. Salapu

P. Victor

T. Toilolo

I. Taulealo

J. PenitusiJ. SaeluaR. MasaniaiR. Ott
T. FanoulaTe. SinapatiT. SolofaP. Killick

A. VictorN. Natia

M. MolesiF. Silao

Tr. SinapatiT. Leota

U. Heleta

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