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Mr. Djimi Yanibada (Central African Rep.) created Djimi Yanibada Football School (École de Foot Djimi Yanibada -EFDY) on 12 May 2004. He was one of the best players of mythical Bangui's team Sica Sport (white and black) and currently he trains his loved team. Also, he is known in Central African Rep. because he has a football school where he trains and teaches children (boys and girls) to play football, compete, have fun and make new friends. He helps Bangui's children to get their dreams, to have illusion and he helps them to study at school too. Mr. Djimi Yanibada is a good man and his work is very recognised between all Central Africans. He works hard for Central African football development, is a real football lover like he tells us in his personal opinion (after this text) and he has all his life full of football activity and success. Mr. Yanibada deserves all our respect and this my little tribute for him for this good work helping to the future "Fauves". Congratulations Mr. Djimi Yanibada!

"Football... and after that?

Sometimes when I watch all this flood of people moving to see a football match, I think that football is a wonderful thing...

The happiness of a human is immense when in any situation he found behind a crowd came to similar support in the happy event that lives or comfort him and sympathize with his pain. '' No one can boast of without men' Preud'homme said.

I think it's nice to have friends and be football player. However it should be when we share the intense pleasure moments with our friends when we can ask questions. What about tomorrow if I'm not a player, so I do not have the physical means to participate in these moments of rejoicing? My needs were obtained through about football be enough to provide for my future needs? The answer is NO!!!

In fact, obsessed with football I forgot studies, I spent all my joys searching performance on the field to be excellent in the game and consequently become one of the best national players. Wear my national team jersey for play in Europe as all African players and my dreams of great footballer.

12 years career certain objectives have been achieved and others are not. I know that my time in football is finishing, and when I think about what I should do after it, I don't see anything because football is all I ever have.

In addition, football could open doors for me, but I lack references regarding my schooling, which reduces my alternatives and makes me things difficult. When I follow on TV and other media the fortune that some Africans players like Drogba, Eto'o, Essien and other has, I think the number of young football lovers' projects into the future as great players leaving left their studies and any academic curriculum; monumental error in my time I had to do without anything and nobody has had a chance to talk me out. For that the creation of EFDY (École de Foot Djimi Yanibada) to make the couple Sport-Study a tangible and visible to all reality. It is noteworthy that no human work being perfect, objectives referred them are partially given the appearance of reduced funds and logistics we have to date. However, a considerable effort has been made in the field of ethical conduct.

Then, this report will allow you to observe the various activities undertaken by the EFDY (demonstration session of classes, participation in various competitions by category, organization of competitions...) in order to achieve reward and support the best students, the EFDY and awareness about the importance of education as much as football in the development of every nation in general, and the Central African Republic nation especially in the promotion of football (male and female), above all to inculcate pupils the importance of education and respect for human values; 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' likes to be repeated. It is therefore necessary to translate it into reality"

The EFDY's main targets are:
  • Participate working in all children's information, formation and education, especially in orphan children and for all of them is attractive to the development and practice of football in Central African Rep.

  • Guide and follow the young plauers in national and international level and help them to find good clubs.

  • Help children at study everyday.

  • Promote the practice of football in national, regional, sub-regional and international institutions.


2006:Daimler Chrysler (3rd position, Youngest Category)2007:Daimler Chrysler (winner, Youngest Category)

Daimler Chrysler (quarter finals), Minimum Category2008:

Alter-Ego Tournament (winner, Minimum Category)


Alter-Ego Tournament (runner-up, Youngest Category)2009:

Solidarité Tournament (winner, Cadet Category)


Alter-Ego Tournament (runner-up, Youngest Category)2010:

Solidarité Tournament (winner, Youngest Category)

2010:Solidarité Tournament (winner, Youngest Category)

  • Societé Pharmaceutique "Shalina"
  • Salon de Coiffure "Hollywood"
  • Mr. Celestin Yanendji
  • Dr. Innocent Naguezangba
  • Barthélémy Mouthe
  • Cap. Yagbanga
  • Roméo Sebete
  • Francis Inicko
  • Honorable Félix Yanguere
  • Clotaire Douba
  • Bouta Zanga
  • Clément Tatamba
  • Robert Sorro
  • Maître Bomawoko Simplice S.

address: "unknown"
phone: +236 757418 87
fax: "unknown"
web: (coming soon)

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